Magic & Technology System *WIP*

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Magic & Technology System *WIP*

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Magic & Technology

General Info

This thread is designed to give you, the player, everything you need to know in order to create the abilities and equipment that your character will have. The layout may seem complicated but after some explanation it will be much simpler.

Majors Minors & Primary

Within Magic & Technology you will have a certain amount of skill points to assign in each Tree or School of expertise. Depending on the ratio you choose for where your skills lie you will be assigned a number of skill points to place where you want. Each skill point is worth one Minor, if you place two skill points in the same school or tree it will become a Major. Regardless of what ratio you choose you will have one Primary. Your Primary is your most refined expertise. It is what you do best, and you master it like no other. A Primary does not require any additional points to fill a School or Tree, it is a single point that completely masters a School or Tree. A Minor can be defined as an introductory amount of skill. In other words with a Minor you get a small amount of access into the skills and abilities associated with a given School or Tree. The abilities associated with a Minor that a character of yours has should be simple, like throwing a fireball of mediocre size, or the ability to jump higher than most people. Majors on the other hand allow for serious abilities that can be defined in detail, though they are not all powerful and must be balanced. Your primary is your most refined expertise, it is what you do best, and you master it like no other.


The Ratio that you choose will decide the amount of latent ability that your character has in Magic, Technology, or both. There are three ways to split up your skills: Specialist of either Magic or Technology, and Fifty Fifty.

Fifty Fifty: This Ratio gives you a total of six points to divide as you please between either Magic or Technology, but limits you to placing points into only adjacent Trees and Schools. For instance, if you are placing points in Magic, and you've just chosen Enhancer as your Primary, the only Trees you can place points in at this moment are Emitter and Transmuter. Once you place a point in either of those you can then place a point in their adjacent Trees (Manipulator and Conjurer respectively) but you can't put your first point into Enhancer and then place a point in Enchanter without first placing points in the two Trees that are between them.


Ratio: Fifty Fifty




Anatomy Enhancement:
Ranged Weapons:Major

Specialist: This Ratio gives you a total of five points to divide as you please among any of the Schools or Trees of either Technology or Magic. The drawbacks of this Ratio is that you are limited to either Magic, or Technology, and you have less total points to place in whichever you choose. The Benefit is that you are not limited to assigning these points to adjacent Trees or Schools. So, with the example above, you could have Enhancer and Enchanter as the first two skills you place points into.


Ratio: Magic Specialist
Enhancer: Primary


Enchanter: Major


Ratio: Technology Specialist
Melee Weapons:Primary        

Anatomy Enhancement:Minor 
Ranged Weapons:Minor


Magic is what the user thinks it is. The origin for every magic type can be different, where you draw your power and who taught you is completely up to your imagination. Magic can be ethereal, material, light, dark, elemental or straight out weird. It is up to the writer to decide what magic is to them, their character, and how they will be able to use it in this world.

Magic Trees

Enhancer: The Enhancer tree is based around physical offense and defense. This tree is by far the most basic, and at the same time the most powerful as far as brute strength goes. The progression from Minor to Primary in this tree is simply shown through a direct increase in strength of offense or defense.

Transmuter: The Transmuter tree is based around turning your magical aura into various substances and materials. This ranges from turning your body into steel, creating fire from your palm, and much much more. The Transmuter Tree is one of the most versatile as it is not always directly combat related and can often be used in peculiar ways. The progression from Minor to Primary in this tree is shown by the complexity, variety, and strength of things you can Transmute your magical energy into.

Conjurer: The Conjurer tree is used to create items and weapons from your magical energy that can have various effects. It can be as simple as a sword that you create out of thin air, though with the Conjurer tree it pays off to make something more complicated as the normal weapons you create will typically be as strong as their physical counterparts. The weapon or item can do anything you think of as long as you balance it to your skill level in the tree. The progression from Minor to Primary in this tree is defined by the complexity, number, and strength of the items you can create.

Enchanter: The Enchanter tree allows the caster to place his or her magical aura into physical objects. Whether it gives shoes fleet of foot, gives a conscious mind to an inanimate object, or causes the enchanted object to explode, enchanters have a huge variety at their disposal. Enchanting is primarily a supportive tree of magic, but has the possibility of being used offensively.

Manipulator: The Manipulator tree allows the caster to manipulate things that are in the physical realm. This can be taking control of another's body, or changing the structure of the hair on your arms to become razor sharp needles that are fifteen feet long. Manipulation is mainly used as a proxy for the caster, allowing them to avoid direct confrontations. The progression from Minor to Primary in this tree is defined by the duration of control, complexity of object or entity being controlled, degree of control, and number of possible control targets.

Emitter: The Emitter tree focuses on the emittion of the caster's aura. Force waves, fire balls, wind that slices and cuts, and sound waves that can crush rock are a few examples. Emitters focus on the long range, preferring to stay back, but not out of combat completely. The progression from Minor to Primary in this tree is defined by the range, power, area of effect, and complexity of the emittion.


Technology is inginuity gained from research and testing. Much like Magic, Technology must be powered by something, be it steam, electricity, bullets, gasoline, or your own unique power source. It is up to you to decide how you got the technology, whether it was implanted without your consent, or if you are a genius who invented everything you use.

Technology Schools

Physical Enhancement: The Physical Enhancement school allows the user to alter their body in various ways, enhancing natural functions, or creating entirely new ones. This can be something simlple like robotic arms that are stronger than average, or it can be eye replacements that add various modes of vision. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is defined by the number, complexity, and power of augmentations.

Chemistry: The Chemistry school of Technology is the creation and combination of various chemical compounds that have varying effects and reactions. This can be used to make poisons, diseases, cures to those diseases etc. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is defined by the number of different chemical compounds you can create, their complexity, power, and duration, as well as your ability to create said compounds in the field.

Ranged Weapons: The Ranged Weapons school is associated with ranged combat, meaning all weapons from this tree must have some kind of range. Whether this is a blunderbuss that can only hit things two feet from you, or a wierd robotic tentacle that can shoot anything at any distance as soon as you think about shooting it. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is defined by the power, accuracy, range, complexity, and number of ranged weapons you posses.

Engineering: The Engineering school of Technology is based around constructing and controlling mechanical instruments. This can be in the form of robots that you create and control with various effects, or gadgets that have passive effects. Maybe it's an arm of tiny robots with rocket launchers that follow you around everywhere, or a tiny box that you carry around that can control the weather. This school can also allow you to control other machines through re-purposing them either post or pre mortem, depending on your skill. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is mainly defined by the complexity of your constructs, their ability to function without your assistance, their level of intelligence (in the case of automatons) as well as your power over other machines, and the power of your machines.

Anatomy Enhancement: The Anatomy Enhancement school alters the anatomical structure of the user's body and their environment. The primary usage of this is for shape-shifting, although it can be used in an assortment of ways, like mimicking the physiological properties of the environment onto the user, or to enhance cell regeneration. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is defined by the complexity, duration, size, power, and total possible number of anatomical enhancements and/or changes.

Melee Weapons: The Melee Weapons school of Technology covers all of the martial arts, as well as any techniques that allow the user to go unseen. This school also covers all close range weapons, from plain swords to lightsabers and hammers with jet-packs on them. The thing to keep in mind is that a melee weapon alone cannot have a ranged attack (like a shotgun strapped onto a spear) and must be combined with the Ranged Weapons school in order to do so. The progression from Minor to Primary in this school is defined by the complexity, power, and number of melee weapons in your arsenal, as well as your ability to effectively use them. Additionally, it is defined by the non-weapon associated martial arts your character posseses, like unarmed combat and ninjitsu.


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