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Gora Korol

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Who are you?
Name: Gora Korol
Gender: Male
Race: Wolfen (Wolf Anthromorph)
Age: 22
Birthday: July 29th
Sexuality: Bi

What are you like?
Gora is a proud, honorable, loyal, mischievous, ruthless, and complex individual. He has two sides to every single emotion he controls. When he meets new people he approaches them with reasonable caution. He speaks to them with respect and treats them with the honor and good manners that they deserve. However, until they have met his ridiculously high standards for trust he will not ever rest easy around them. He trusts very few people, and those people who does trust have paid blood in order to earn that trust. With those people he trusts he is smiles, and laughs. He jokes and tries to make merry. Truly it is a different coin. He speaks plainly, and he treats his friends as if they were part of his family, mostly due to the fact that he sees them as family. He is loyal to them without limit, and bounds. Even if they are disloyal to him he will not falter in his own loyalty to them.

When combat is the only option he will face it seriously. He doesn't believe in messing around, or toying with his opponent. He will seek to end the fight as soon as possible without delaying it for any reason. He will use any means at his disposal in order to end a fight with him as the victor. If he loses a fight and has his life he doesn't go looking for another conflict. Instead he chooses to move on from it. However, he will look to stop fights, and keep them from happening. He has no desire to actually put himself into the fray unless there is no other choice for him. He is ever the diplomate, and does his best to speak for negotiations, but it does not always go that well.
* Friends: To Gora his friends are like his family, and he loves them very dearly.
* Mental Endeavors: From reading, to philosophy, and everything in between. Despite his appearance he enjoys pursuits of the mind.
* Nature: There is very little in the world of tech that Gora likes, Nature is his home and it is clear he feels at home among it.
* Weapons: Gora loves weaponry, and looks to understand as much of it as possible.
* Traitors: Those who betray themselves, their honor, their word. Whatever Traitors must die horrible gruesome deaths.
* Technology: He is aware of what caused the humans to destroy themselves, and he can't abide by it. So he will have no part of the things that destroyed Nature for years.
* Stupidity: As defined by him those who are unintelligent don't deserve the privilege of life.
* Laziness: Those who are lazy and make those around them work harder just to cover up for that is beyond irritating for him.
* Freedom: Gora seeks his own personal freedom and will not give it up for any reason.
* Magic: Gora loves magic in all forms, and as such he pursues knowledge of it.
* Adventure: There is nothing Gora likes more than to explore the entire world and it's entirety.
*Betrayal: Gora’s biggest fear is being betrayed by those he cares about.
*Loss: Gora can’t stand the thought of losing someone he cares about and refuses to even discuss that topic.
*Magicless: The fear of being without his magic is a very real fear for him.

How do you appear?
Height: 7'4''
Weight: 340 lbs
Hair: The hair on his head is deep forest green in color.
Eyes: Gold
Skin Tone: the flesh you can see of his paws, hands, and nose are dark in color.
Appearance: Gora is a pitch black wolf aside from the silver tip of his tail that almost looks like it was dipped in paint. He keeps his fur neat and clean looking. He doesn't wear shoes leaving his foot paws unhindered which allows him to use his claws to cross most terrains with ease. He does wear pants, but these are made of leather from some kind of animal and have tassels coming off of the belt, along with strips hanging off of the legs. It looks as if it is from a native American design.
Special Characteristics: Gora has a slashing scar over his left eye and is missing it. Over that he wears an eyepatch made of black cloth. His chest has several scars along with his stomach. They are also lined with strange runic tattoos, and he has tribal tattoos of a wolf paw, an arrowhead, The moon, and the four elements on his right shoulder, left shoulder, back, left forearm, upper left arm, right forearm, upper right arm respectively.

Where are you from?
Gora is an anthromorph and before the apocalyptic event that changed the world there weren’t any creatures like him, or like any other kind of anthromorph. When his people emerged they stuck to their forests and lived as packs, clans, or tribes depending on who is doing the telling. Gora himself was born into one of these packs, but his was unique in the sense that it was a nomadic pack, one that chose to have no set territory and travel in order to see as much of the world as possible. He was born the middle in a litter of 5. His mother was a healer, and his father was one of their warriors. His brothers and sisters sought their own path, but Gora was the one who was unique. He didn’t follow everyone else, and he usually did the opposite of the rest of his siblings just to be different. This mentality led him to start following the path of the hunter rather than the two paths of his parents.

In his pack there is a special ceremony when a pup hits a certain age and loses their first set of fangs. They are sent on a journey depending on their chosen path. Gora was given a bow, a small quiver of half a dozen arrows, and a knife. He was then told that as a hunter he must track and kill the hunter’s best prey. The Stag. It took him several days to track the beast and several days longer to actually bring the beast down and kill it. When he returned to his pack they had all thought he had died, but upon his return they celebrated him, and he was given the title of hunter. At the celebration however the head shaman of the pack had a vision and declared that he was going to take Gora on as a shaman as well. This didn’t sit well with the Head hunter, but the head Shaman was a higher rank in the pack, and thus he had no choice but to allow it.

So for months the training continued and the Shaman taught Gora how to use his aura and about the elements of the world and how he could call upon their power so long as he was close to them, and this would allow him to mimic their powers. It took several years, but slowly Gora learned how to use the four elements learned about his aura’s power and the special characteristics of it. When his training was finished so was his necklace and it was strung together with a thread made of Wolf’s bane. He spent his time learning how to use his aura to power his magic, but he also continued to perfect his skills as a hunter finding a good mix between the two paths that he was forced to follow. He went on hunts with the other hunters and he studied with the other shamans. It was soon discovered that early on the element of Fire favored him, and seemed to give him access to a lot of its power. It took him a few more years, but he eventually learned how to use every element at some basic level and this was considered his right of passage as a shaman. Now a full-fledged shaman as well as a hunter he continued to live with his pack.
Up Till Now:
Up until a few months before the present day Gora and his pack were traveling much like they did from one winter home to another. However, after they encountered a human town where they obtained some supplies and Gora obtained his metal knives they left. As they did however a terrible blizzard caught them up. It wasn’t this alone that caused his current state, but shortly after the blizzard started his pack came under attack by a group of dwarves who attacked them while they were taking shelter in a cave.

Gora and the others who could fight did so, but those who couldn’t had to flee. There were too many dwarves to hope for a victory, but Gora and the others bought as much time as they could for the other members of their pack. As they fought however Gora and the others were forced out of the cave and as they tried to fight and run Gora ended up getting separated from his pack. He was forced to flee back to the safety of the human village they had left, and there he nursed his wounds and rested. He tried to track his pack the next day, but the blizzard had covered all sources of their tracks and so Gora was now alone.

He has been wandering ever since trying to find his pack once more, but finding them would prove to be his greatest challenge yet.

Ratio: Fifty Fifty

Enhancer: Minor
Emitter: Primary
Manipulator: Major
Ranged Weapons: Major
Description of Abilities:
Archery: Gora is a very talented archer. He has used and trained with a variety of bows and has a respectable hit ratio with all of them. If there are bows he hasn’t seen it is easier for him to figure it out and use it.
Throwing Knives: Using throwing knives has always been a hobby and a love for Gora. He doesn’t use them often, but he can use them to some effect in combat and in stealth when he is hunting elusive or hard to catch prey. They have an effective killing range of 60 feet, an effective hitting range of 80 feet, and can fly over 100 feet if thrown at full strength, but it is highly probable that they will break or be lost at that distance.
Claws: Gora’s enhancer abilities allow him to sharpen his already sharp claws to the point where they have the potential to pierce some metals. His claws are close to 3 inches long normally, but when enhanced they grow to 4 inches long and become much thicker than usual.
Flames: Fire is Gora’s strongest elemental connection, and as such he is capable of throwing fireballs the size of large beach balls, up to 15 meters away, and he is capable of sending a torrent of flames from his hand up to 7 meters away as a flamethrower. He can do either of these abilities with both hands. He is also capable of snapping his fingers and causing an explosion of flames to happen. As he looks he extends his aura outward to anywhere between 5 and 10 meters away from his body, and when he snaps them this causes his aura to burst rapidly with flames and as such it causes a sudden explosion. This explosion doesn’t reach him, but it can come very close if he uses it within 5 meters of himself.
Wind: This is a simple one and Gora is capable of causing a gust of wind to come out of his hands pushing things back several meters if they are 5 meters or closer to him. He can also use this ability to break a fall from high up if he uses both hands.
Constructs: Gora is capable of sending his aura out of his body in the shape of ancient animals. Birds, Wolves, and Serpents. These constructs can be of various sizes, but they all serve the purpose of injuring people by hitting them with Gora’s aura, and their method for attacking determines on what they are. The birds will fly at attacks
Water: Gora has the ability to manipulate small portions of water that are outside of living things. Rivers, ponds, and other such things. He can manipulate them to slap opponents with it, make the water hot enough to burn people, or freeze it in order to trap people.
Earth: This manipulation allows Gora to change the earth under his feet. He caused cause it to open and close wide enough to crush someone, or something along the like. He can also force the earth to form into spikes, or pillars to hit opponents.
Fire: This element is Gora’s strongest and it bends to his will in ways that only he can shape. How he chooses to manipulate it is his business, but the catch is this fire can’t be from him. It has to be burning in nature without his aura keeping it alive.
Constructs: The constructs that Gora creates he is capable of controlling how they attack, and how they move so long as it is possible for the form to actually move in such a manner.

What are you carrying?
Backpack, Arrow Quiver, Knife belt, belt pouches, & bow holster.
Bedroll, Blanket, Frying Pan, Whetstone, 9 meters of heavy rope, a water skin (capable of holding 1 gallon of water), 4 replacement bow strings.
Weapons & Items of Interest: Recurve Bow
Location: Bow Holster (Back)
Description: The appearance of the bow is simple. It is a redwood recurve bow. The wood itself is a very deep shade of red, and on either end are eagle feathers that are used to see which way the wind is blowing so he can get a better shot. A bow is very durable if taken care of properly, so long as it is not dry fired, and the arms aren’t bent or warped, then it can last for years. However, it can be cut through by swords and the like as it is only made of wood.
Significance: This is the bow that he was given by the chief of his tribe when he became a hunter for his people, and it holds a special place in his heart, and he takes very, very good care of it. He even goes so far as to wrap it up in a blanket when it is raining and he will hold it above his head if he is forced to swim.
Quantity or Ammunition: 40 arrows, (If they find their mark and aren’t snapped off when the prey falls they can be used again. If they hit a rock the tip will shatter. They will sink into wood and if not removed carefully, or if they are more than 4 inches deep the tip will be left inside the wood. The arrows are stored in the quiver that is tied around the right side of his waist

Weapons & Items of Interest: Throwing Knife
Location: Knife Belt (Chest
Description: These knives come in two shapes for him. They are knives made of either sharpened stone, or metal. The ones made of stone are roughly 5 inches long and the handles are made of either bone, or antler. They fly fairly well, but after 20 feet their killing potential is cut in half. The other ones are shaped to be like Kunai, and they have an effective range of 60 feet as they are designed to fly and kill at a distance.
Significance: The knives that are made of stone and other things that are in nature were made by Gora’s own hands, and he took great care of them, and still keeps them in good shape. Of course he replaces the stones when they are broken, and it is an easy thing to do with leather, and some plant fibers. The metal ones are some that he traded a human for by using previously hunted game to exchange for them. They are made of steel and as long as they don’t hit rocks, or something fairly harder than they are then it is possible for them to last a long time, but they are capable of breaking or chipping when they strike stone, or metal stronger than steel.
Quantity or Ammunition: 16 (On the knife belt that runs the length of his chest, and over his right shoulder)

Weapons & Items of Interest: Shaman’s Necklace
Location: Neck
This is a necklace that his pack wear. It is like a story of their lives. In the dead center is a preserved hoof from his first kill. Inside of that is a Ruby that signals his attachment to the element of fire. On either side of the hoof is a Sapphire, and a topaz. These signal water, and earth respectively. Beyond these are a white pearl, and an arrowhead. The pearl gives a representation of Air, and the arrowhead gives him the marking of a bowman. Finally, on either side beyond these are fangs. These are his own fangs from himself when he was a pup, and this shows that in his pack he is considered a full grown member. The thread used for it is woven together wolf’s bane. This shows his status as a hunter. The jewels on it speak to the fact that he is a shaman. This thing is very weak and it will take him some time to fix it if it is broken, snapped, or cut.
The necklace is a long tradition in his pack and every member has one. The items that adorn it and are used to decorate it are specific to the pack member wearing it, and tell of his accomplishments, of his status, of his rank, and other things related to the hierarchy, and social trends of his pack. Without this his pack won’t recognize him as one of their own, and aren’t likely to accept him back should he return to them.
Quantity or Ammunition: 1


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