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Xurxo O'Donnel

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Who are you?
Name: Xurxo O'Donnel “X for short”
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: 21
Birthday: 07/29
Sexuality: bi
Special Characteristics: Tribal wolf paw tattoo with four prime elements as digits on his upper right shoulder.
A Tribal Orca tattoo on his upper arm.
A family crest. A shield shape with a wolf's head inside of it two swords crossing behind it, and a Hammer standing behind it, with an arrow horizontally behind that. Under the shield it reads “A real man has honor and Loyalty.” is tattooed on his chest.

What are you like?
Xurxo is a young man who has always grown up on the slightly outcast side of things. He is all smiles and tries his best to be light hearted, but around someone he trusts his sensative and serious side emerges. He makes friends rather quickly due to the nature he has of giving everyone a chance to prove their character. Meeting new people isn't hard for him, but rarely does he initiate the first conversation. He is approachable, but rarely does any approaching. Around his friends he is carefree and will talk to them about anything and everything regardless of what may or may not be appropriate at the time. Xurxo is always honest when it comes to the important things. He doesn't believe one should ever lie to cover up important facts. Little white lies to spare someone's feelings are certainly in his arsenal, but he won't use them often.

When it comes to violence Xurxo is never senselessly violent. He does his best to avoid situations that would come down to violence, but when he is put into a situation where violence is his only option he believes in total annihilation. He will not stop until the threat to him, or those he considers his friends is completely eradicated with no chance for future attacks. Despite his lack of violent tendancies towards most things Zombies are unique. He doesn't view these as acts of violence instead acts of mercy, and never hesitates to end a zombie, but he does so while carefully considering the outcomes, and if the risk is too great to him or his he will ignore that for the benefit of those he cares for

In this world his morals have also taken a back seat to his need for survival. He will go out of his way to loot things he may deem necessary while he will curse those and even try to stop those who are picking up things that have no value. This is not to say he won't pick up one or two things to help his guilty pleasure of being creative in the best way he knows how. Despite his need to survive Xurxo will never abandon those who he considers to be his friend. Instead he will gladly give his own life for theirs, and if someone he cares for dies it hits him hard. After a grieving period he will become cold and somewhat non-empathetic to the suffering of those who have also lost someone of a similar or same relationship to him. Xurxo's will to survive is strong and if he is backed into a corner he will lash out as violently as he can to either survive or die trying. Despite this behavior he has a code of conduct and that is to act with his own sense of honor and integrity. He will never do anything that brings his honor into question say desecrating the corpse of a fallen enemy, or letting others do that either. He is quick to point out that people shouldn't do certain things as it could be labeled as un-honorable and wrong. If someone calls his honor or his integrity into question he responds violently, and aggressively taking the insult very seriously almost as if it was an attack on his physical person.

Xurxo's mind is a very creative one. Always coming up with elaborate ideas, plans, or stories. As such he has an almost compulsive need to document them. If he hears an idea of interest to him he thinks on how he can improve it and does his best to do so. He thinks about things very deeply and philisophically he enjoys deep thought and considers himself something of an intellectual because of it. When speaking of a topic he knows very well he will sound almost arrogant, and if he believes he knows better than someone on a particular topic he won't hesitate to share that information. His love for nature also comes into play in his mind as he values animal life and finds it to be a sacred holy thing. He will kill an animal if he must in order to survive, but he will do his best to make sure that all of the animal's parts are put to use if he can or at least let them be reclaimed by nature. He prides himself on animal knowledge and will insert it into a conversation if he finds the opportunity.

Xurxo has a fluxuating stance when regarding his oculus. Sometimes he loves it and the power it gives him. Regarding it as his saving grace and the only reason he survived as long as he has. However he also views it as a curse that will kill either him or those he cares about. He won't hesitate to use it for the benefit of him or those around him, but he is careful to avoid looking at people for too long for fear of accidently unleashing his oculus on them.

Writing: Xurxo is a very creative mind and writing is his main outlet for his creative streak.
Animals: He has always had a fondness for all animals, and knowledge of them has only increased this.
Spending time with friends: Xurxo values his friends and family like some people value silver and gold so it only makes sense that he wants to spend time with them.

Dishonesty: Xurxo considers Dishonesty to be a very dishonorable thing as it hides true intentions. So if he thinks your lying he thinks your are dishonorable and that goes in the face of what he believes.
Disloyalty: Disloyal people in Xurxo's mind are those who would abandon their friends and family. This he finds unforgiveable and he won't help those who have no loyalty to people he thinks they should.
Zombies: The creatures are evil things that will take away his friends and family. He hates them and wants them all to die. They also are a perversion of who the person used to be and this makes him want them gone even more.

Survival: Nothing motivates Xurxo more like his own survival. He wants to survive to see the end he hopes will be coming.
Hope: Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary Xurxo has hope that this will all come to an end, and that the world could be restored to a relatively normal state.
Protecting those he loves: Xurxo finds it his truest calling in life, and he lives to keep his friends and those he loves from suffering a fate worse than death.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair: Xurxo's hair is a deep redish color (Red and brown combination) and it is usually either slicked back or just how it happens to fall.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Light and slightly tanned


Xurxos' build is a rather bulky one. He is slightly overweight for his height, but it is mostly in muscle. Xurxo is six feet tall even give or take an inch or two on the day. His arms, legs, and torso are very strong. His hands are big with skinner fingers for his size, but they are thicker than most. His arms from the middle of his upper arm down along with his face are very tan showing he got out in the sun a lot. His arms are the most muscled part about him being very buldged towards his upper arms. Where his tattoos are the skin is tight and less tan than the surrounding skin giving it a slightly off look to it.

Xurxos wears a rather laid back set of clothes loose fitting and comfortable. He wears a black T-shirt that just barely covers his tattoo on his right shoulder and only about a third of the tattoo on his left arm. As a jacket he wears a light leather jacket with wool on the inside to make it a winter coat in climates that have light winters. It has two side pockets, two front pockets, and an interior pocket all with button clasps. For pants he wears forest camo cargo pants. The material is light and allows for free movement it has two shin pockets, two hip pockets, two side and two back pockets. The leg pockets are closed by bungies and the back pockets buttons. He wears two belts. The first belt is a real belt that is used to keep his pants secured to his body. The second belt is a sword sheath carrying belt that can also keep his pants in place if he has to. His shoes are waterproof tennis-shoes that are black in color. The only other things he has on him are accessories. The first of which is are his three different collapseable hats. A bowler hat, a Broadbrimmed Fadora, and finally a pot pie hat. He wears one of these on his head at all times the other two are kept fully collapsed and inside one of his pockets. He also wears a pair of sunglasses most of the time.

Where are you from?
Xurxo was the oldest of two and his younger brother William were the sons of an Iaito sensei. Stephen O'Donnel loved his boys and he loved martial arts and being out in the world. He taught them how to hunt, fish, and of course he taught them the martial arts that he loved so much. Xurxo was a masterful student and he would often practice the martial arts alone, as well as archery, throwing knives. Anything he could possibly learn from his father he did. He was also a very creative person always writing stories about grand adventures and heroes fighting deeds. He was a very outgoing person in the sense that he loved to be outside. At school Xurxo didn't have a problem making friends, but he always made friends with the people who were out of the ordinary the goths, geeks, nerds, and what not.

His little brother would idolize him and always try to come along on whatever he was doing. Be it training, hunting, fishing. His little brother was always there and Xurxo being the loving big brother was happy to help teach his brother. In order to make himself feel more worthy of the praise he recieved he would devote himself to being smarter, stronger, and faster than those around him. Pushing hijmself to learn more, do more, and just be the best he could possibly be. He soon advanced in Iaito far enough to earn his final sword and this he kept with pride. He never really gave any thought to what life would be like without his family, and Xurxo spent a lot of time with his family as a whole. When Xurxo wasn't with his family however there was one friend that he would spend his time with. They would go out on hunting trips, Camping trips, play video games with, hang out and play video games. Whatever they wanted to do. His best friend's name was Alex. He and Alex did many things together and they were two peas in a pod. Alex loved Xurxo's little brother as if he was his own little brother and they would bring him along on their adventures.

Xurxo was like a lot of teenage boys and he loved to watch movies about zombies read books about them, play video games where all you did was kill zombies. He was truly fascinated by the idea of zombies, but he never really gave much credit to the whole idea. He simply wrote them off as a fantasy and that was all. He knew the lore about how to kill them, and he figured he could get the job done. He would often replace his regular targets with big zombie looking targets. His aim improved so he managed to get several headshots, but his average track record was 2 heads out of every six shots. Not the greatest record, but he figured he could always get better.

On the day the infection spread to his home town Xurxo was out on one of his usual hunting trips, but he wasn't alone he was with his best friend. The two of them were up in a deer stand when they heard the gurggling and the groaning. Xurxo looked down to see someone staggering through the brush. When it neared the base of their trees both boys realized what it was. It was Xurxo who fired first sending an arrow through the top of its head. The two boys were quick to climb down the trees and make the five mile hike back towards their home town. With a little luck they found their way to Xurxo's house. They came in the back door and Xurxo called out, but there was no answer. He ran up stairs kicked down his little brother's bedroom door. Inside there was nothing, but a hastily packed up bedroom. Clothes and other things. He rushed to his father's door and kicked it open finding much the same. The only thing was that none of his father's weapons were taken. Nothing but clothes were taken along with the one shotgun they had.

Xurxo rushed downstairs and found his friend standing in the doorway his mouth agast. Xurxo moved over to his friend and beheld the horror that he saw. Outside in the street were dozens of zombies, but they weren't what he was looking at. He was looking at the two corpses that had nearly been chewed up beyond recognition. Laying next to them however still in hand was their suitcases. The little boy had a bright blue one, the older man had a bright orange one. These were the bags that belonged to his little brother, and his father. Xurxo closed the door slowly his eyes wide with horror. He slowly moved upstairs tears streaming down his face. He lost his family, but he wasn't going to suffer the same fate as they had.

Up Till Now:
After closing the door and going upstiars Xurxo and Alex ransacked the house taking all they could. Xurxo found his bags and his good belongings and was quick to pack all he thought he would need. He took great care to obtain his blades as well as the blades that belonged to his father. He was going to take the things that mattered and he did. When he was loaded up with his weapons and his packs Xurxo took only a picture of him and his family to keep with him. Once he is packed he and Alex set out from the house sneaking through the backyards and back ways of the houses. As they arrive at Alex's house they discover that Alex's parents have been turned into flesh eating Zombies. They were in the process of ripping apart Alex's little sister. The sight causes Alex to freeze completely unable to act.

The zombies took notice of both of the boys and made their way towards them. Xurxo on the other hand wasn't one who couldn't act. He acted as fast as he could. He drew his sword and closed the distance. He sent his blade through one of the corpse's eye socket and brain. As he removed it the other zombie turned to act. Xurxo waited as he slowly drew his sword out of the head until only the point remained inside of it. The zombie walked towards him and Xurxo grabbed it by the back of the forcing it with all his might into the blade. The zombie's neck gave way like butter to a knife and off came the head. Even as it kept bitting and trying to get at Xurxo he held the head watching, waiting. Finally when it was clear it wasn't going to die he dropped the head on the ground and speared it with his blade. Alex finally snapped out of it and looked up at Xurxo as if he was just waking up from a dream. The two of them then spent the next few months trying to survive and keep themselves. They managed to hear the broadcast about Hawaii being the only safe zone, and about the truth that was in seattle. It was during this time however that Xurxo was forced to learn the horrors of his power. He and Alex had started to make their way towards Seattle, but they eventually ran their luck and they were chased to a rooftop. On the rooftop they were trapped, they stared at each other for the longest time then it just happened.
Alex burst into flames Xurxo couldn't do anything but stare in utter disbelief and horror as he watched his best friend get burned to ashes. He had no idea how to help him, and he continued to burn for several minutes. Finally, the blackened bones of his friend fell to the rooftop signalling the final toll. It was finally at that point that he heard the rooftop access door be broken open. He looked and stared at the zombie that was coming onto the roof. He continued to stare at the zombie until it also burst into flames. This proved to be beneficial as when it burst into flames it stumbled forward and the next several zombies slowly staggered through the flames and caught on fire. It wasn't long before the five zombies that had chased them up here were all smoking smoldering husks. He didn't have time to really comprehend what had happened, but he took the opportunity to run away and put some distance between him and the situtation. So he finally he managed to get where he and Alex were heading and is heading to the safe zone.

What powers do you possess?
Unlike most of the other Oculus in the world Xurxos' is active all the time. It may not cause its ability to trigger all the time, but the effect it has on his eyes are constantly visible. His eyes have flames inside them at all times. These flames are red and orange against the green and whites of his eyes.
Passive Abilities: Xurxo's ability gives him the ability to read heat signatures as if he had infrared vision. Only if they are within 100 yards of himself.
Supportive Abilities: While his primary ability is active Xurxo can can cause things that are flammeable to become alight if they are near the target of his active ability
Offensive Abilities: If Xurxos Stands completely still then he can see anything his eyes will glow with the colors of fire, and the object he is staring at bursts into flames almost as if it was spontaneous combustion burning the object until the fire naturally burns out. He can only burn one target at a time however.

What are you carrying?

Deluxe ENSEI Shinai Bag (Holds 10 Shinais or Bokkens)
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting Day Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Pack
Cast-iron Skillet
Solar powered flashlight
Reflector Blanket
Garden Shovel
Pull-up Rope

Food & Drink: Food: 3 days/ Water: 3 days


Weapon: Musashi Koshirae Iaito
Location: Waist (Left Hip sword sheath belt)
Description The blade is 30 inches long and the hilt adds about another ten inches. The hilt is wrapped with blue nylon cording and it is kept tight. The saya is deep plum almost black in color with slightly brighter purple str ing to tie it to. This blade is meant for battle and if treated well it will out last Xurxo.
Significance: This was his father's blade and with his father dead the blade is now his by right of inheritance. He loves the blade as it is one of the only things he has to remind him of his old life. : This is Xurxo's father's sword. It is a little big longer than his own as his father was taller than him and you should get a sword to match your heigh.
Quantity: 1

Weapons: Douta Nuki Iaito
Location: Sword Bag (Back)
Description: This blade is 28 inches long. The hilt adds another eight inches to the overall length of the blade. The nylon around the blade is deep maroon, while the saya is deep crimson. This blade was made for battle and if taken care of it will out last Xurxo.
Significance: This is the blade that Xurxo's father gave him when he finished his training and was officially called an Iaido practioner.
Quantity: 1

Weapon: Tokujo Jidai Koshirae Iaito
Location: Sword Bag (Back)
Description: These blades are exactly the same in length, colors, and saya. The blades are 27 inches long. The hilts add another 7 inches to the total length. The Nylon around the hilts is black in color. The saya are also black in color. These blades are meant for clashing against other swords so they will stand up very well for a long time if they are treated properly.
Significance: These were the taining blades that both Xurxo and his father used before they graduated and became proper Iado practitioners. Xurxo couldn't part with these.
Quantity: 2

Weapon: Tonfa
Location: Main pocket phany pack
Description: Synthetic metal, black in color. Durable metal, but heat can deform it.
Significance: This set of Tonfa are for training and he keeps them out of the elements to keep them in the best condition he can.
Quantity: 1

Weapon: 9mm
Location: Hip Holster (Right Hip)
Description: Silver and black gun. Standard durability
Significance: This was the handgun that belonged to Xurxo. His only handgun.
Ammunition: 2 magazines (13 rounds per mag)

Weapons: Wooden 65 lbs Pullback re-curve
Location: Sword Bag (Back), Backpack (Bow Holster)
Description: Simple mixed wood black and oak color. Properly cared for and handled properly these will last a long time. Biggest wear will be the arms bending and twisting.
Significance: These are the only bows that Xurxo had before the outbreak and they were both bought by him for hunting.
Quantity: 2 (Three sets of back up string for both. Six total replacement strings.)
Ammo: 1 quiver (24 arrows) kept in his pursuit pack's quiver carrying case. (Quiver is held in special pouch on his backpack that is built specifically for holding quivers)

Weapon: Hatchet
Location: Main pocket phany pack
Description: Metal handle with a short one sided Axe head foot and a half long in total length
Significance: This item was used to cut small logs and branches while Xurxo was out hunting.
Quantity: 1

Weapons: Switch Blade
Location: Front Right pocket (Pants), front pocket backpack (2)
Description: Small three inch fold-able blade with serrated base. Durable if treated decently, metal screws will erode over long periods of water exposure.
Significance: The item was a typical hunting item, he and his father had many of them.
Quantity or Ammunition: x3

Weapons: Bowie Knife
Location: Right Thigh (Sheath)
Description: The knife is a typical steel blade with a black and brass handle. The total length is 16.5 inches long. With the blade being 11 3/8 inches long. The weapon is perfectly balanced allowing for the capacity to throw it. If treated right it will last for a very long time.
Significance: This was Alex's knife and when he died it came into Xurxo's possession. He loves this knife despite it's bulk.
Quantity: 1

Weapons: Throwing Knives
Location: Left Thigh (Sheath), Phany pack (Right pocket), Backpack (Top Pocket)
Description: The blades range from 4 to 7 inches long. They come in many styles and appearances simple or complex. The majority of these are six inch long kunai throwing knives. Even if kept in good condition they will only last probably about ten missed throws before the blade starts to chip.
Significance: These throwing knives are Xurxo's and he got decent enough with them and he is always practicing. While they aren't always the best idea in a pinch he can use them up close or if he has some time he can take time to aim. He hits the head every 1 in 4 throws if he has time. Under pressure it is more like 1 in 7.
Quantity: 24


Items of Interest: Spare Clothes (Black T-Shirt, Camo cargo pants)
Location: Backpack Main Pocket
Description: The black T-shirt is just a plain black T-shirt that Xurxo would wear while he was training in his Iado uniform. The camo cargo pants are standard forest camo and they reach around his ankles, but they are a little loose fitting.
Significance: These are simply extra clothes nothing that Xurxo would be too broken up about to lose.

Items of Interest: Clear rain poncho
Location: Backpack main pocket.
Description: This poncho is clear plastic. Easy to tear, but also perfectly waterproof.
Significance: This keeps the rain off of him and in a tight situation he can bag up things that can't get wet in the plastic.
Quantity: 1

Items of Interest: Leatherbound Journal
Location: Backpack (Main Pocket)
Description: Brown leather. Pages are made of a thick stock paper. Two hundred pages. He has a protective case that is water proof he keeps it in.
Significance: This is Xurxo's notebook. he writes down everything he can think of.
Quantity : 1

Items of Interest: Pen Case
Location: Phany Pack (Front pocket)
Description: Black Zipper case
Significance: This holds every writing utensil that Xurxo has or has found.
Quantity or Ammunition: Pens 10

Items of Interest: Pocket Watch
Location: Inside Coat Pocket
Description: Silver looking pocket watch with a silver chain
Significance: This is Xurxo's pocket watch. He gave it to his little brother, but now that he is gone Xurxo keeps it as a keep sake.
Quantity or Ammunition: 1

Items of Interest: Double Sided Whetstone
Location: Phany Pack (Side Pocket)
Description: The Whetstone is a disk that is almost an inch and a half thick with two different colors. One a deep grey the other a lighter grey color. The deep grey is the rough side used to create the edge on blades. The lighter side is used to refine that edge.
Significance: Xurxo uses these to keep his blades sharp and they are critical for that purpose.
Quantity: 2

Weapons & Items of Interest: Water Pouch
Location: Backpack
Description: It is built into the backpack and it is covered in the similar material to the backpack with a blue straw attached over Xurxo's shoulder. Durability is that of any regular water skin.
Significance: It's how he keeps his water.
Quantity or Ammunition: 1


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